Tuletõkketihend 8610

Tuletõkketihend 8610

The Pyroplex range of Fire Door Seals provide the traditional seal for fire rated timber door edges and frames. Rigid Box Fire Door Seals are suitable for rebates in timber door leafs or frames in single and double action, single or double doors. Pyroplex Rigid Box Fire Seals are ideal for newbuild and retro-fit applications.

Pyroplex Rigid Box Fire Door Seals are supplied in 2.1m lengths as standard and are quick and easy to fit as no special tools are required. They are supplied with an acrylic self adhesive tape backing to make application easy.

Pyroplex seals are tested to BS476 Part 22:1987 and other International standards and are compliant with the requirements given in CERTIFIRE TS35.

CERTIFIRE CertificateNo. CF355.

Product Profiles
Rigid Box Fire Door Seal

Field of Application
Pyroplex Fire Door Seals have been specifically designed for use in the following applications:
• Rebates in timber door leafs or door frames.
• Use on single and double action leaf doors.
• Use on latched and unlatched doors.
• New build and retrofit applications.

Product Features
• Reduce closing forces by design.
• Provided with rigid box outer casing for added durability.
• Supplied with a self-adhesive backing for ease of application.
• Available in 2.1m cut lengths as standard.
• Identification on each product ensures full traceability.
• Pyroplex Intumescent material is high-pressure and multi directional.
• Fire & Smoke and Flipper ranges are high performance seals which reduce smoke, acoustic and air infiltration.
• Available in 6 standard colours - brown, white, black, grey, red and cream.
Available in 6 standard colours.

Please note: Colours shown are for guidance only and not for colour matching

  Product Data
Size FO PO P+F SF TF SDF Fire Res.
10x4 8500 8512 8510 8524 8523 8923 30mins
15x4 8700 8712 8710 8724 8723 8924 30mins
20x4 8600 8612 8610 8624 8623 8925 60mins
25x4 8800 8812 8810

30x4 30094 3009412 3009410

38x4 30076 3007612 3007610

FO - Fire Only, PO - Pile Only, P+F - Pile with Fin, SF - Single Flipper, TF - Twin Flipper, SDF - Side Flipper

Product Testing
The Pyroplex range of Rigid Box Seals have been extensively tested in the UK, Europe and worldwide, to national and international standards.

Test Reports &International Standards
BS476: Parts 22 1987 CERTIFIRE TS35 and TS21
BS476: Parts 23 1987 UL10C
BS476: Part 31.1:1987 Cycle tested to TS35 and TS21
EN 1634-1 and 3 ISO140-3:1995

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